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    Daily bite sized tips to help re-engage your digestion

    What to Eat

    Leave your food anxiety at the door. Learn what / what not to eat to regain control of your digestion and begin your path towards healing


    Dietary Supplementation

    Eating the right things is important and a great start, but often times it's not enough. We'll explore known dietary supplements that can help hasten your recovery


    Lifestyle Tweaks

    The body is a system and so there are many ways to tackle this disease. We'll touch on them all so you're equipped to make the best choices to recover your health


    Stress Management

    Discover the bi-directional linkages between reflux, stress, and anxiety. Leverage this improved understanding to regain control over your life


    Digestive Health

    We intuitively understand that reflux is a digestive disease, but we can still learn quite a bit about how we can restore and optimize our digestive health


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