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Did you know acid reflux is by far the most widespread gastrointestinal disorder? The U.S. alone spends more than $10B on reflux medications globally. Given this, you might wonder why WebMD reports the disease has increased +50% over the last decade, The National Cancer Institute shares throat cancer, the fastest growing cancer, is +850% since 1975 and The Voice Institute finds mortality from throat cancer is +7x.

You may also wonder why mainstream medical approaches, which you might think would be the best cure for acid reflux, have not helped you address your acid reflux or GERD. The startling answer to both of these questions is thoroughly explored in this book.

All conclusions and recommendations are discussed in simple terms and backed by hundreds of hours studying medical research. Furthermore, they were successfully used by the author, who prior to applying the methods in this book, suffered acid reflux for +15 years. The book is centered on a three phase transition plan. It’s not a meal plan, exercise routine, or an appeal to give up everything you love. Instead, it lays the foundation for a quick and smooth transition off of medications / supplements and a return to normal. Before you know it, you could be back to enjoying life free of the many health, social, and emotional issues brought on by this terrible disease.

The Acid Reflux Guy's Online Courses

Let's face it, its incredibly difficult to know what you can and cant eat as it sometimes feels like everything triggers symptoms. A list of common reflux triggers is hit or miss so where do you start to determine what is safe to eat? Furthermore, how long should you expect to maintain this diet and are you even making progress?

In either event, eating the right foods, avoiding the wrong foods for a time is  a key part of any recovery plan. This, as providing your body and your microbiome with the nutrients it needs is vital to restoring gut health and getting back to normal. But how do you do that if what you can and cant eat seems to be shifting on its own accord?

We will discuss these challenges and potential solutions in my new online training course "The Un-Cookbook." I have released the first of three modules and you can get it now for a limited time, at its introductory price. As the additional modules release, the price will be updated. Enroll now and you will gain access to the new modules at no additional cost!

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Supplements To Eliminate Acid Reflux

If this is your first time on this site, I first recommend you read my How I Cured My Silent Reflux article. In it, I explain the most common, though seldom know root causes of reflux. Additionally, I explain in detail the purpose and benefits of each of the below resources as they related to either managing or eliminating your acid reflux for good.  Additionally, I explain how I used them as a part of a three phase plan to eliminate my reflux over eight week’s time.

Medical Disclaimer: The content of this site is for informational purposes only, and to give you ideas for you and your physician to research. It is not intended as individualized advice to treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any medical condition.

Disclosure: This is a free website so I do advertise to cover the costs of website hosting and other services. If you find the information on this site useful, please consider making a purchase using the following links as I will earn a small commission at no cost to you.

Essential Enzymes - Taken with meals to support digestion and alleviate indigestion.



HCl - Taken with meals to encourage stomach acid and pepsin production.



ACV - Apple Cider Vinegar is taken with meals for prebiotics and to aid in digestion.



Note that the eVitamins link can be used to find these supplements outside of the U.S. Just change the flag in the top right corner of the page.

Probiotic Supplement

This is the probiotic gut reset program that I did after healing my acid reflux. Even so, I could feel the difference and improved resilience in my gut. I did 10 days of each probiotic in sequence. Be sure and ramp up your daily fiber intake to 35-50 grams daily to support the probiotics. Alternatively, if you need help choosing a probiotic, then read my How To Choose a Probiotic post. 

Personalized Microbiome Report

Optionally, test your gut microbiome and receive actionable recommendations on how to optimize your digestive health with the BIOHM Gut Report.

I have arranged a 40% discount if you use the code THEACIDREFLUXGUY at checkout!

Additional Supplements For Long Term Acid Reflux Sufferers

Supplements for Acid Reflux

As mentioned above, I first recommend you read my How I Cured My Silent Reflux article. In it, I explain the most common side effects of prolonged acid reflux medication use. Additionally, I discuss these side effects at length in my YouTube video.

I took Proton Pump Inhibitors (prilosec, nexium, omeprazole, etc…) for 15 years and as a result developed several neurological, neuromuscular issues (memory issues, brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, tingling, full list in the article…). These are caused by Vitamin B12, Calcium, and Magnesium deficiencies. These are in turn are due to  inability to properly break foods down so they can be absorbed. Thankfully most all have been reversed by discontinuing the medication and my recovery accelerated, using the below vitamins:

B12 - Vitamin B12 helps support energy metabolism, nervous system health, and helps convert food to energy. 



Magnesium - Magnesium is important for many systems in the body, especially the muscles and nerves.



Burning Mouth or Tongue

Be sure and ramp up your daily fiber intake to 35-50 grams daily to support the probiotics.

Stomach/Mouth: I took one with each meal alongside the enzymes, and HCl

Colon: As mentioned above, I did 10 days of each probiotic in sequence.

Mouth: This one helps with symptoms, whereas the oral helps with the cause

Battling Breath Issues

Chew or dissolve in mouth daily to quickly rebalance your oral microbiome.

Eat half a cup of plain non-fat yogurt after meals to stabilize acid reflux symptoms.

Use a thermal cup to keep your water at the perfect temp and hydrate between meals.

Remove the 90% of mouth bacteria that live on tongues twice daily.

Use an electronic toothbrush to brush all surfaces of your mouth.


Managing Mucus

A wedge pillow can reduce the frequency of nocturnal reflux events.

A nasal spray can be used to clear mucus from the nasal passage.

As an alternative to this nasal spray, consider this home remedy.

Solving Sleep Problems

A natural hormone that that promotes sleep and closure of the lower esophageal sphincter

A wedge pillow can reduce the frequency of nocturnal reflux events.

Bed risers are an alternative to a wedge pillow if you have concerns about back problems.

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