The Purple Lie We’ve All Been Sold. Proof Inside

Ever wondered why you still get heartburn or mucus even with reflux meds? I did too, and what I discovered about the lies in the reflux drug industry will change how you view these medications forever. In this post, we’re going to explore: How reflux meds affect your long-term health, the shocking truths behind the ‘purple lie’, and why your symptoms persist even though you’re doing everything right!

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever wondered why doctors prescribe acid blockers for a digestive issue when acid is vital for digestion? You might be thinking, “My doctor said these meds just block the excess stomach acid.” But studies indicate drugs like Nexium can suppress 80-95% of your stomach acid. So, if you can’t digest properly, it’s hardly a surprise that indigestion, nausea, and constipation are common side effects of the drugs. When compared to reflux symptoms, a little indigestion may not seem like a big deal, but much like an iceberg, the danger lies beneath the surface.

 The Hidden Dangers of Reflux Medications

Here’s where the purple plot thickens. Short-term users of these meds sometimes get indigestion. But long-term? It’s a different ball game – the drug fact sheets show 20 out of 80 side effects are reflux symptoms. I discovered this after 15 years on these medications. It’s an understatement to say that I felt betrayed by my doctors, by the drug companies, and angry at myself for not looking into this sooner.

These days, we’ve grown accustomed to the terrible side effects of these meds. Even still, it’s shocking that the medications would cause the very thing they’re designed to stop. Maybe we could live with it because you have so little stomach acid it doesn’t burn as much. After all, this is how the meds mask the symptoms.

But the thing is, there are two BIG side effects that are the most devious of all because they multiply the effects of ALL the other symptoms and can make your life far worse than your reflux ever could on its own.

The Misleading Nature of Acid-Blocking Drugs

I vividly remember some of my first symptoms of reflux. I was chugging a gallon of Kool-Aid in college, and I started coughing, quite forcefully, and thought, “That was weird.” Those first symptoms are often the moment when the valve between the stomach and throat begins to misbehave.

Many people think that their valve no longer works, but it’s really a problem with the signals that the body sends to close it at appropriate times. And guess what? Stomach acid is a key signal. So, reducing it with meds can mess up these signals, virtually guaranteeing it by opening the door wide open to reflux and jamming your foot in to keep it open. In other words, securing your need for a lifetime subscription to these medications. Not a bad deal, if you happen to sell acid-blocking drugs! Perhaps even worse than this though, is the biggest section of the iceberg.

Reflux Medication Trap

When I received my first prescription, my doctor told me I shouldn’t take the drugs for longer than two weeks, but to come back if I was  still having problems. I went back because my symptoms were worse. My next two doctors were “shocked” that I had been taking the medications for years, saying they can only be taken for a maximum of 8 weeks. But, with the disclaimers out of the way, they each doubled my prescription.

This shows just how wide and how deep the purple lie is. From talking to hundreds of reflux sufferers, it’s clear that our docs see this cycle play out over and over. They come in with a little indigestion, and due to acid rebound, they’re back in two weeks for a longer prescription that increases and increases until the medications have deepened the condition to the point that they no longer work.

My Journey to True Relief

Now you know that these meds stand with the door open, inviting reflux to never leave. But if you want to break free from the purple lie, click here for the three steps I took to reverse the long-term damage of these drugs, and put a stop to my reflux for good.

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Don is a best selling author of 'How I Cured My Silent Reflux,' and a former acid reflux sufferer for more than 15 years. With several family members with the disease, and a medically diagnosed hiatal hernia he resigned to the fact that he would take acid blockers for the rest of his life. Dissatisfied with medical advice, he researched the root causes of acid reflux and by solving them was able to eliminate his acid reflux for good!
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