Don Daniels

Don was an acid reflux sufferer for more than 15 years. With several family members with the disease, and a medically diagnosed Hiatal Hernia he resigned to the fact that he would take acid blockers for the rest of his life. Dissatisfied with medical advice, he researched the root causes of acid reflux and by solving them was able to eliminate his acid reflux for good!

Betaine HCl

Welcome to episode #5 of The Reflux Cycle show. My name is Don, also known as The Acid Reflux Guy. Today’s episode is all about Betaine Hydrochloride. I will provide an overview and then get into the questions you submitted over the past week. Let me know if I’ve missed anything and if there are …

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How Gut Health Affects Mental Health

Gut Health and Mental Health are Intrinsically Linked In the below interview with Marty Sellers, Mental Health Hygienist we explore the connections between mental health and gut health. I suffered with escalating forms of reflux for more than 15 years. Over that time I experienced growing anxiety, apathy, depression, memory issues, problems concentrating, and more, …

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How I Cured My Silent Reflux

In this post we will cover the following topics: Disease Symptoms Root Causes Treatment Risk Factors Silent Reflux Disease As the name suggests there are some differences between silent reflux, acid reflux, and GERD. Namely, silent reflux does not typically cause heartburn. Symptoms commonly include: Hoarseness, inflammation of the throat and vocal chords Excessive throat …

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