Betaine HCl Side Effects for Reflux Sufferers

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If you are new to this site, you should first read my How I Cured My Silent Reflux article as it explains the underlying root causes of acid reflux, its corresponding treatments, and provides the necessary context to follow some of the concepts in this episode.

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Betaine HCl Side Effects

When was researching potential remedies to get rid of my reflux after 15 years I did have a little bit of apprehension taking Betaine. The thing that gave me comfort is that effects only last 60 minutes plus or minus 30. And if I really needed to, I could neutralize the effects with a little bit of the baking soda.

Typical side effects are just a little escalation of your typical symptoms, things like heartburn, gas, and bloating, diarrhea, a stomach discomfort, or even nausea. However, nausea actually gets into some of the false negatives.

False Negatives With Betaine HCl

So nausea oftentimes comes when you’ve got a bit of thinned gut lining. And this is one of the cases where you should not take Betaine HCl. Also, if you’ve got previously diagnosed gastritis, this ulcers, increasing your acidity level can cause problems and further inflammation on top of those issues.

There are also a number of false negatives when taking Betaine, including taking it with an insufficient amount of protein. You want to target anywhere from 20 to 25grams of protein with your meal.

One of the active compartments of Betaine HCl is pepsin. Pepsin is directly going to help you digest some of the proteins. After a little bit of trial and error I found that taking Betaine in the middle of meals was optimal because I could avoid some stomach discomfort that was coming from taking it at the start.

But, after I ate a little bit of food, take the HCl and I can also chase it down down a little bit of extra food, which is critical for anybody that may have been able to swallow.

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Don is a best selling author of 'How I Cured My Silent Reflux,' and a former acid reflux sufferer for more than 15 years. With several family members with the disease, and a medically diagnosed hiatal hernia he resigned to the fact that he would take acid blockers for the rest of his life. Dissatisfied with medical advice, he researched the root causes of acid reflux and by solving them was able to eliminate his acid reflux for good!
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