How I Cured My Silent Reflux

In this post, learn how I eliminated my Silent Reflux quickly and easily with a few supplements designed to address the root cause.

We will cover the following topics:

What Is Silent Reflux

As the name suggests there are some differences between silent reflux and acid reflux / GERD. In contrast, silent reflux does not necessarily cause heartburn. Symptoms may include:

  • Hoarseness, inflammation of the throat and vocal chords
  • Excessive throat clearing and coughing
  • Mucus production and post nasal drip


As indicated in the Annals of Clinical Case Reports silent reflux has many synonyms including:

  1. Extraesophageal Reflux
  2. Supraesophageal Reflux
  3. Gastropharyngeal Reflux
  4. Atypical Reflux
  5. Pharyngoesophageal Reflux
  6. GERD Cough
  7. Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR)

Among these many names, silent reflux is most commonly referred to as LPR.

Silent Reflux Symptoms

In addition to the more common symptoms listed above, the following complications can manifest in cases of extended silent reflux.

  1. Hoarseness / Pain When Speaking – A hoarse voice is often one of the first symptoms that LPR sufferers experience as the larynx (voice box) is very close to the esophagus and consequently has higher exposure to potential reflux. In fact, Laryngitis or inflammation of the larynx is a common complication as the stomach contents and gases hit the Layrnx first, before spreading into the airways.
  2. Bad Breath / Bitter Taste In Back of Throat – Iron, bitter or sour taste in the mouth is due to stomach contents re fluxing into the airways and mouth
  3. Stress – Stress, like anxiety are both side effects of social pressures and reflux medications
  4. Burning / Dry throat – Throat pain is one of the earliest warning signs of reflux as the vocal chords and the larynx (throat) are the closest organs to the stomach
  5. Excessive Belching – Copious burping goes hand in hand with silent reflux, as frequent exposure stomach gases is the cause of the vocal chord damage and burning sensations in the esophagus and mouth
  6. Breathing disorders, such as apnea, noisy breathing, pauses in breathing, or Choking Episodes (especially at night) – Symptoms are often the worst overnight or in the mornings, especially if laying down shortly after eating a meal or after eating a large meal
  7. Asthma-Like Symptoms – Asthma is a common initial misdiagnosis, this is because stomach contents aspirate into the airways, prompting an immune response that mimics asthma
  8. Ear infections – The ear, nose, and throat are all connected so inflammation, bacteria, and mucous responses can express through any of the three organs
  9. Chronic Cough and Throat Clearing – Often times this can be a non-productive cough. LPR can irritate your mucus membranes which can also stimulate coughing and throat clearing. Quite often, silent reflux sufferers are mis-diagnosed as there are countless diseases that can cause a cough
  10. Globus Syndrome – This is that all too familiar sensation of something stuck in your throat. This is due to inflammation and swelling of your membranes. Its not in your head, you do have something akin to a lump in your throat, it is your own swollen tissue.
  11. Difficulties swallowing (dysphagia) – Many LPR sufferers experience trouble swallowing due to throat inflammation
  12. Post Nasal DripPost nasal drip and mucous production is your body’s natural response to protect sensitive tissues in your nasal cavity and esophagus (throat) from acid and acid vapors. This can result in excessive mucus in your throat and airways.
  13. Nausea or vomitting – This can be a side effect of throat stimulation or digestive issues, which ultimately may be the source of your reflux issues.
  14. Frequent Infections – As acid reflux is most often a symptom of poor digestive health and low stomach acidity. In a low acid environment, pathogens (such as bacteria and viruses) are able to thrive. These pathogens are able to travel freely through open airways and through connected tissues such as the ear, nose and throat, leading to frequent infection.
  15. Anxiety – Anxiety is often two fold 1. social stigmas from bad breath or hoarse / muted voice and 2. a side effect of vitamin B12 deficiency, a common side effect of long term acid reflux medication usage

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How I Cured My Silent Reflux

I had GERD for 15 years and for the couple of months prior to finding a cure, my symptoms escalated sharply. Looking back, it is clear that I had mild forms of silent reflux all along.

In the last couple of months of my reflux journey it was my silent reflux that really got out of control. I can even recall the moment that triggered two months of torture. It was eating a dozen Wint-o-green life savers. As I was eating them, I felt a growing burning sensation in my stomach. The next night marked the first of the mucus, post nasal drip, awful salty sour taste, etc..

After receiving a tip from a family friend about my reflux and associated symptoms I stumbled on some alternatives to the typical Acid Blockers, H2 Blockers, and Antacids that are prescribed. What I found was these medications actually exacerbate your reflux issues, rather than heal them:

Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) and Diaphragmatic Sphincter

To understand why, you first need to understand the root cause of acid reflux. There is a ring of muscles between your stomach and your esophagus called the lower esophageal and diaphragmatic sphincters. These muscles are not under voluntary control, but are signaled by your body to relax and contract as necessary to allow food to pass (swallowing) and close (when not swallowing).

Lower Esophageal Sphincter

In fact, this ring of muscles is the reason your stomach contents are not emptied into your stomach when you bend over or hang upside down! For reflux sufferers it is the dysfunction of these muscles that allows stomach contents to reflux into the throat. As mentioned, these muscles are not under voluntary control.

Instead, rather they are signaled by your body to close when your stomach acidity and abdominal pressure reach sufficient levels during digestion.

However, acid reflux sufferers do not have sufficient acidity to signal these muscles to close. This is often misdiagnosed as being due exclusively to a hiatal hernia (as I have) or a weak LES. For most people, however this simply not the case.

The Root Causes of Reflux

Your stomach pH may have initially gotten out of balance due to poor diet, after a surgery, due to smoking, drinking, caffeinated drinks, age, by taking acid reflux medications, etc.. (for a full list view my risk factors post) Once this happens, your digestions suffers due to reduced acidity and your stomach will attempt to to slosh your little remaining acid around in attempts to better digest your food; both leading to discomfort and indigestion or reflux.

In addition, due to to low acidity, and resulting abdominal pressure, your sphincters are not signaled to seal. Lastly, due to low acidity pathogens (bacteria and viruses) are allowed to grow unchecked and thrive. They compete with your digestive enzymes reducing digestive efficiency, again leading to indigestion.

Acid Reflux Medications Make This Worse

As if this scenario were not bad enough on its own, doctors prescribe acid blockers, H2 blockers and antacids. These medicines block acid production, which exacerbates the above mentioned indigestion issues as well as guaranteeing your sphincters will not close correctly!

Patients are lulled into believing these medicines are helping them because they neutralize the uncomfortable / painful acids that escape into the throat. Consequently they decide to take them longer than the recommended 6-8 weeks, and because doctors do not have a better alternative they suggest buying over the counter or renew the prescriptions.

However, long term they will ensure co-dependency by keeping patients in a never ending cycle. The longer this goes on, the higher the doses required to manage higher quantities of stomach contents that are able to escape the open sphincters. For more on the long term side effects of prolonged acid reflux medication use see this post.

Thankfully, there is a way to break and even end this destructive cycle:

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Silent Reflux Natural Remedies

There are three supplements that I found that eliminated my GERD and Silent Reflux entirely by addressing the above mentioned root causes. To restore sphincter function you need to restore healthy digestive function which includes digestive enzymes and promoting the production and return to normal acidity. With sufficient acidity, your body is able to signal your sphincters to close and bye bye reflux!

Digestive Enzymes – These enzymes help the body breakdown proteins, fats, milk sugars, fiber and carbohydrates. I took these supplements with meals for a few weeks until my digestion was back on track. Here is the exact brand that I used.



Apple Cider Vinegar Pills – Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a great complement to the above supplements as it has a beneficial blend of prebiotics and acidity to help you restore efficient food digestion. Here is the exact brand that I used.



HCl SupplementsHCl Supplements are specifically engineered to promote production of acids and a return to normal stomach acidity. It’s important to take supplements that contain pepsins (digestive enzymes)  as they can grant an extra boost to your digestive efficiency. I took these supplements with meals for a few weeks until my digestion was back on track.  Here is the exact brand that I used.



Its important to use the right dose of HCl with meals. You can get my transition guide and personal journal sent you to you automatically below:


Long Term Use of Acid Reflux Medications

If you, like me took prescription or over the counter acid reflux medications for many years, you may additionally be vitamin deficient due to poor digestive health. As noted in this article, the most common deficiencies are vitamin B12, Magnesium and Calcium.

Click here for a list of symptoms and recommended supplements to quickly resolve these deficiencies.

Silent Reflux Treatment

Wrap Up

I hope you got value out of this post!

Now,  I want to hear from you:

Which recommendation from this post are you most excited to try?

Are you going to use B12 or Magnesium supplements or are you going to stick with the HCl, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Digestive Enzymes?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment!

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Don was an acid reflux sufferer for more than 15 years. With a father and grandfather with the disease, and a medically diagnosed Hiatal Hernia he resigned to the fact that he would take acid blockers for the rest of his life. Dissatisfied with medical advice, he researched the root causes of acid reflux and by solving them was able to eliminate his acid reflux for good!
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Stephon B
Stephon B
6 months ago

How is your acid reflux to this very day?

Anthony G
Anthony G
4 months ago
Reply to  Don Daniels

Don had a question regarding the source natural essential enzymes, hcl betain both which I started 3 days ago, in the morning I tend to have a muffin, banana, and chamomile tea, I am noticing the past 2 days that I get stomach cramps/hot feeling with them in the morning. Could this be that I am taking to small of a breakfast for the enzymes, should i stop? Additionally, for 2 bigger meals the betaine hcl made me feel better on 2 pills, yesterday during lunch the 1 enzyme pill and 2 bcl pills caused me some bloating for most… Read more »

5 months ago

What foods are you able to eat now ?

4 months ago

Hello, I think/believe silent reflux and it sucks. All the medication I’ve been taking hasn’t helped. I’m constantly burbling, I feel like I have something stuck in my throat and starting to experience anxiety cuz of all of it. I truly need your help to get better.

3 months ago

Hi Don…thank you for so much insightful information. I have all of the symptoms of awful digestion and reflux. It is making my life completely miserable cause I really cannot eat much. The dr has me on a strong ppi which I realize I need to get off. I really don’t believe it is helping much at all. I am taking a digestive enzyme but the idea of taking an acv supplement and the hcl terrifies me. The worst symptom is shortness of breath and all of the typical lpr symptoms. If I were to take these supplements, would it… Read more »

3 months ago

I am so grateful to have found you. You have no idea. I have been suffering severely with acid reflux/GERD for over 12 years and all the symptoms you explained in the article happened to me slowly but surely. I never stopped to address it, so recently within the last six weeks I had a horrible experience and I am healing from it now. Because of the pandemic all the doctors wanted to do was test me and give me allergy medicine and none of it worked! I got doctor bills for no reason. Not one of them diagnosed it… Read more »

3 months ago

LPR- hello Don, how are you? I hope you are well, I messaged in your Instagram account. I believe I may have LPR and have had acid reflux in the past. I’ve beeb going through it for the last 3 months. I’m lost on what to do and don’t want to take PPIs. I’ve got wheeziness, hoarsness – agony when I talk, throat pain that’s constantly there, coughing clearing throat, stomach/body pain as if I can feel the acid literally burnt I feel my body I wake up in the night or in agony, it goes to my right ear… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Anj
11 hours ago
Reply to  Anj

Have your symptoms gotten better? I am in the exact situation as you and it is horrible. I am in the process of seeing a therapist to deal with my anxiety, while dealing with acid reflux. It really is a stressful situation, but I am optimistic that I can get better!

I’m hoping Don Daniels gets back to me with his guide. I really want to try this the natural way and avoid the medication because I do not want to depend on it for the rest of my life.

1 hour ago
Reply to  Don Daniels

That’s great to hear!!!! I’m currently on medication, and I have not bought the supplements yet. How would I transition from not taking the medication to taking the supplements? Also, is it possible for you to send me your guide? I know you said it is important to take the right dosage of HCI, I want to make sure I do it correctly.

2 months ago

Hi Don! So happy I found you, hope I can heal myself with these tips. I was diagnosed, simply, as having acid reflux by my GO and we did a couple of rounds of Prilosec and another. My naturopath, however, advised against it and told me to take DGL instead. Helped for periodic episodes. I have allergies and have had post nasal drip for some time, not sure if it is due to allergies or reflux. Over the past year I have woken with some pretty severe sore throats, thought I might have snored during the night. I did figure… Read more »

1 month ago

How long did it take you to heal using the supplements? Thank you for all of this information. It has been awful and I am looking to heal. It has been a long journey and I was on PPI’s for three months and had terrible side effects. I have been off of them for almost two months.

1 month ago
Reply to  Don Daniels

Thank you so much Don. I am hopeful that I can heal from this. The silent reflux is terrifying. Just grateful there are wonderful people out there like you trying to help others heal.

1 month ago

Hi Don, Doctor diagnosed me with GERD last March. It went off for a good three months until end of June. This time, I didn’t have bloating or excessive burping but more of the throat symptoms such as a lump sensation on the throat, and sometimes it feels like there’s something poking my throat and I will occasionally get upper back pain too. I’m suspecting that this could be LPR? I just went to the doctor last weekend and he prescribed a 2weeks dose of PPI (rabeprazole). In 3 days of taking the medicines, I am not really seeing any… Read more »

1 month ago

Hi Don, I feel like I needed to find this article so bad! I’ve been suffering from the feeling of lump in my throat feeling like I can’t swallow, hoarseness, inflamed larynx, burping, anxiety, chest tightness feeling like I can’t get a deep breath. EVERYTHING! I’ve been to all the “ologists” . I got the flu back in December then started having all of these symptoms. I got tons of bloodwork where they said I have an under active thyroid and was told I had to start medication for that. I was having dizzy spells heart palpitations, and started having… Read more »

1 month ago

Hi Don, I am not completely sure if I have just the condition, Post Nasal Drip or Silent Reflux, I have had colds on and off for the past 6 months. I have been to the doctors a number of times, he thought it maybe acid reflux. He gave me a prescription for Somac, I didn’t really stay on it long because I wanted to find out what my problem is. I have never been the type of person to take any medication, I always prefer a natural way to go. My doctor in the end said its a bit… Read more »

17 days ago

Wow, thank you for the thorough and well presented resource on LPR!! Iʻve felt “short of breath” constricted in my throat since March 2020, but the pandemic has made me reticent to talk about these symptoms and unable to get to a doctor. I have had my thyroid tested now and my sinuses scoped, but Iʻm certain the culprit is LPR. It is the worst and the tightness in the throat and airways can get very scary!! I am really stoked to try your recommendations. Since I am just now figuring out that this is LPR, I have a prescription… Read more »

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